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This 7,600 sq. ft. addition was needed to accommodate the growing staff of the Murray Energy Corporation. The project was designed and constructed to blend in seamlessly with the original structure, an all brick office building. This was a fast-track project which made it imperative that the architect, owner and contractor work together as a team to achieve completion within the tight time constraints of the client. The lines of communication where open at all times aided by weekly site meetings. The team was focused and determined as a result, the clients goals where realized.

The perspective shown to the left was rendered and delivered to the client long before any dirt was dug or new bricks laid. This dynamic service offers the client a clear “picture” of what the project will look like before any construction begins.

One of the photos shown is a view of the completed building. The perspective drawing above gave a clear idea of the how the completed project was to look when finished. Few changes were made from the perspective drawing to the completed building.