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The “ideal client” is an informed client who knows what they want and how those desires relate directly to the reality of what they are willing to allocate toward a successful project.
This project personifies how a well-organized and educated client can work in harmony with their architect to achieve a totally custom design that truly fits their lifestyle, desires and personal philosophy.

Written below is an excerpt from the “design requirements and preferences” document that was formulated by the clients in the very beginning before our pen hit paper.
“Our (the clients) thinking regarding practical considerations has evolved over more than ten years of research and study into how we would go about building our own home. We have explored alternative formats such as earth bermed and dome shaped as well as alternatives to wood framing such as tires-and-tin-cans, straw bale, steel and concrete. We have become somewhat informed about systems, techniques and materials that promote energy efficiency and a healthy indoor environment.”