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This building composition is located directly across from Wheeling’s Wesbanco Arena, a venue that attracts many people to partake of the popular attractions at the arena and near by waterfront.

The project was initiated through a community block development grant administered by the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation (WNHAC). The design team, Kayafas Architects and their partner Heritage Architectural Associates initially prepared a strategic plan that recommended a prioritized, phased approach that considered the prominence of the building within the Wheeling National Heritage Historic District.

Once a candidate building was selected, the team completed an historic character assessment, provided conceptual design services and prepared budget estimates. Design issues included the restoration of historic building materials; re-design of commercial storefronts (including contextual corporate signage) to foster compatibility with the significant architectural character, and ADA accessibility.

The client occupied what were once three retail spaces and needed a design to unify the storefronts yet preserve their individuality. The design team worked successfully within the state regulatory review system and achieved favorable 106 historic review approvals on all aspects of the proposed rehabilitation.